Reiki healing and healing attunements.







Shamanic Soul Travel


Shamans have always understood that the spirits can play important roles in human lives. The shaman acts as a guide to higher levels of consciousness using a variety of methods, such as chanting, music and dance.



You may have heard of Astral Projection, but more refined, subtle and higher Light Bodies can be utilized by us to journey into different dimensions and universes.

One of roles of a Shaman is to help to facilitate these journeys of learning and experience.



Individual and group sessions.


Sessions last between 1 and 2 hours.


Individual sessions – 3,000 baht – involves step by step guidance from the shaman during the Soul journey. Good for beginners.

Group sessions – 1,200 baht per person – involves Soul journeys with supervision, but less guidance from the shaman. Better for those who have already had some sort of out - of - body experience. Minimum 3 people.