Remember it's what the Akashic Records are telling us and not what facial comparisons are saying. Facial comparisons alone are meaningless.

Check the readings with pendulums, third eyes and higher consciousness - if you can and are thoroughly acquainted with the most appropriate and accurate techniques.

Don't let others fool you that psychic ability doesn't exist and don't be fooled by others who pretend to have psychic skills in order to control, manipulate and exploit others.

For instance some unscrupulous people have been using Walter Semkiw's and Brianstalin's past life readings readily available on the net and dishonestly pretending they are the source of these readings and using them as examples to get clients and extort money from them.

Mankind, it seems, will do everything in its power to corrupt and pervert the power of truth and light.

Few people understand the significance of objective truth.

But as Bill Hicks said it doesn't matter - IT'S JUST A RIDE!

Brianstalin doesn't charge for past life readings, but now accepts donations.

A steady stream of emails indicates that people are open to the possibilities of reincarnation and the possibilities of being able to see them with accuracy and objectivity.

The readings (the waste products of psychic abilities) pale in significance to the teaching of empowering and focused psychic skills required to access hidden objective truth - a truth that is well beyond our logical and limited comprehension.